Stop struggling to change Minds … Start Building Mindsets

Powerful Questions.
Stronger Mindsets.

Great questions can provide clarity, insight, and validation needed for success in work, home, and life.

But few of us receive or give them in our daily interactions.

PeopleStrength changes that.

We help people build powerful connections, lasting influence, and increased resilience needed to thrive in today’s changing environments.

We start with a question, but we leave with more powerful mindsets.


Great Company Cultures Are Built One Mindset at a Time

PeopleStrength helps companies create systems for improving the way their people provide validation, recognition, and connection to each other. Improve engagement, retention and performance, by developing the mindsets of the entire workforce, one person and one conversation at a time.

Great cultures are built around great questions. Go beyond the one-and-done training and start building the systems that will take your company to the next level.


PeopleStrength for Enterprise

Move the needle in your organization.


One Community, One Purpose

Powerful mindsets are created through validation, recognition, and connection. In short, we are stronger together. PeopleStrength exists to bring people together to build stronger mindsets the most effective way possible, through powerful questions asked by real people.

While each person might have a different reason for joining, together we help each other build the influence, resilience, strengths, and self awareness needed to overcome any challenge.

Trying to change someone's mind might get compliance

But asking the questions that strengthen their mindset is where real and lasting improvement really happens.

“...I’d struggled in the past with turning difficult conversations into productive ones. It’s very useful knowing how to respond appropriately in emotionally charged situations...”


Annette, W.

Financial Advisor

Design your peoplestrength goals

Stop struggling to change minds. Start building mindsets.
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Three Things We Do Well
That Will Make Real, Lasting Impact



One of the primary tools we use in our FIRES Workouts are great questions.

In fact, when practicing, we focus on NOT giving advice, feedback, or opinion and work on asking
better questions.

Ready to ignite the FIRES?


Group Workshops

If you’re looking to achieve greater employee engagement and productivity within hours instead of days, weeks, or months, join our FIRES facilitator workshops to transform your team or organization. Help your employees realize they have the skills, abilities, and potential to discover solutions that were, minutes before, unimaginable.


At-Home Resources

As you’ll find in the book that started it all, helping someone else realize their own value may just be the best way to discover your own. Order your copy.

You can also sign-up as a free member today to access our free course & learn the neuroscience behind 5 questions you can ask to help more people feel seen at home, in the workplace, and in the world.