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PeopleStrength for Your Organization

The questions you ask, and don't ask, shape your company culture

Most companies struggle to improve culture because they focus on changing people’s minds. Learning to build mindsets by changing the way we approach validation, recognition, and communication creates more resilient and engaged people.

And, it all starts with a question.


Great leaders know how important validation and recognition are for their employees.

But even the best recognition programs don’t create the performance, engagement and mindsets needed to succeed.

Why? Because telling someone they did a good job is not the same as helping them believe in their value.

Great mindsets don’t just happen, they are built. PeopleStrength workouts help people learn to ask powerful questions, make meaningful connections, and ultimately build the mindset muscles that create strong cultures.

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Learn the neuroscience behind 5 questions you can ask to help more people feel seen in the workplace with our free mini-course.

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One Community, One Purpose

Powerful mindsets are created through validation, recognition, and connection. In short, we are stronger together. PeopleStrength exists to bring people together to build stronger mindsets the most effective way possible, through powerful questions asked by real people.

While each person might have a different reason for joining, together we help each other build the influence, resilience, strengths, and self awareness needed to overcome any challenge.


Someone Asked, “What Went
Well Because of You?”

“...the FIRES process fundamentally changed my leadership style and my career trajectory. I transitioned from “fixing” my sales team to utilizing questions...Now I lead an incredible sales team using these principles.”


Charlie V.

Executive Director

PeopleStrength changes everything.

One Hour Could Change Your Whole Life.
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Three Things We Do Well
That Will Make Real, Lasting Impact

FIRES Workouts

One of the primary tools we use in our FIRES Workouts are great questions. In fact, when practicing, we focus on NOT giving advice, feedback, or opinion and work on asking better questions.

Cohort-Style Group Workshops

If you’re looking to achieve greater employee engagement and productivity within hours instead of days, weeks, or months, join our FIRES facilitator workshops to transform your team or organization. Help your employees realize they have the skills, abilities, and potential to discover solutions that were, minutes before, unimaginable.

At-Home Resources

As you’ll find in the book that started it all, helping someone else realize their own value may just be the best way to discover your own. Order your copy.

You can also sign up as a free member today to access our free course & learn the neuroscience behind 5 questions you can ask to help more people feel seen at home, in the workplace, and in the world.